Surprise your loved ones with the perfume advent calendar!

Every year it is impatiently awaited... We reveal to you a preview of the limited edition of the Margot&Tita Advent Calendar!

The Advent calendar, an emblematic tradition before Christmas

The countdown begins ! With the arrival of autumn, the days get shorter, the air gets cooler... The Christmas spirit gradually permeates the end of year period, and it is accompanied by this exciting and long-awaited tradition: opening the 24 boxes of his advent calendar.

Originally, the traditional Advent calendar contained 24 chocolate surprises, intended to keep children waiting until Christmas. Today, the Advent calendar appeals to young and old alike, and the themes of the gifts are diversifying: whether they are chocolate, assortments of teas or candles, well-being products... all the surprises are good to wait until the big day!

This year, Margot&Tita is reinventing this beloved tradition with a one-of-a-kind Advent calendar. Imagine every morning, for 24 days, discovering a new fragrance that transports you to a different olfactory universe. A perfect gift for your loved ones who love perfumes, and why not for yourself ?


Presentation of the Margot&Tita advent calendar

The new limited edition for Christmas 2024

This year, immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas with this brand new limited edition Advent Calendar , made up of 24 scented surprises . To wait until December 24, discover a new fragrance every day for a unique olfactory journey before Christmas: open, smell and let yourself be transported by a collection of natural fragrances, made in France and vegan, for men and women.

This advent calendar promises to delight all perfume lovers! Each of the 24 eau de parfum is exclusive, formulated from carefully selected materials, for an olfactory experience that is as unique as it is refined. Their composition is balanced and their hold is durable. What are you waiting for to succumb to this set of perfumes ?


Create your mixable & tailor-made mini perfume dressing room

At Margot&Tita, we invented the concept of “perfume dressing room”: your perfume becomes a real fashion accessory. The idea is simple: collect your perfumes to vary the pleasures according to your mood, your looks, the occasions or the time of day. Through an assortment of more than 40 perfumes for everyone, you can find the scent that suits you or create the olfactory signature you've always dreamed of!

At the heart of this new Advent calendar, you will find a selection of 24 fragrances in 15 ml format to create a real olfactory wardrobe and change perfumes according to your desires, your looks or the occasion. Its (big) advantage ? All eau de parfums are mixable ! All you have to do is layer two perfumes to create your tailor-made perfume. For a unique olfactory experience, you will find all the possible combinations on the back of your calendar.

A new look for a beautiful end of the year

On the design side, we have focused on a 100% “ Christmasylimited edition decor, to make every day a celebration of the magic of the end-of-year holidays. The Margot&Tita Advent calendar has been carefully designed in-house by our talented graphic designer Noémi, who has brought the Christmas spirit to life, with her delicate illustrations and careful finishes, evoking warm and festive life scenes.

Every detail has been thought of so that this calendar is not only a discovery box of mini perfumes , but also a real decorative object. Stock up on vitamins with its festive patterns and bright colors that add an elegant and joyful touch to every interior, perfectly complementing your Christmas decoration. Displayed prominently in your home, it will remind you every day that a new olfactory surprise awaits you, bringing a little extra magic and excitement to the anticipation of the holidays.

Its refined appearance makes it a gift of choice, not only for perfume lovers, but also for those who appreciate beautiful objects and the festive atmosphere of Christmas. If you are looking for a gift for Christmas, you now know where to turn!


Why choose the Margot&Tita advent calendar?

A treasure trove of diversity

In the Margot&Tita advent calendar, there is something for everyone! One of the most exciting aspects of this advent calendar is the variety of scents that make it up. Each fragrance is unique: you can find perfumes for men and women, floral, fruity, woody or gourmet scents, best-selling products and new products. Among the 24 eau de parfum offered, you can (re)discover:

  • Minuit dans tes bras  : a floral-woody fragrance with milky sandalwood accords, perfect for cocooning winter days
  • Week-end à Biarritz : our latest floral-fruity novelty, ideal for reminding you of your vacation memories
  • Nous les femmes : our best-selling perfume with fruity accents, to bring you dynamism and positivity
  • Petit caprice : a sweet and delicious eau de parfum, in case of immediate need for comfort!

This advent calendar reflects the diversity of everyone's preferences and personality. It will undoubtedly allow you to find your signature eau de parfum or to discover original and favorite olfactory associations.

An eco-responsible box

This Advent calendar contains 24 eau de parfum created between Bordeaux and Grasse, the mecca of perfumery in France, and manufactured in France . Each eau de parfum is designed with respect for the environment and health: their formula is vegan, without substances controversial to health, and contains more than 90% ingredients of natural origin. In addition to a unique olfactory experience, we guarantee you an ethical and safe product. This Advent calendar is made of 100% cardboard, from the pad to the case: a responsible choice for the planet since it is entirely recyclable.

You have already been conquered

Are you still hesitant about opting for this limited edition advent calendar ? Find your most beautiful testimonies that we have collected over the past two years:

  • Marie, 32 years old: "It's by far the best advent calendar I've ever had before Christmas! Each perfume is a discovery and I love starting my day by discovering a new scent. An exciting experience and so much joke."
  • Julien, 45 years old: "I gave this calendar to my wife and she is delighted with it. She loves perfumes and skincare, and this calendar allowed her to discover new fragrances that she might not have tried differently. A real success!”
  • Camille, 24 years old: "I'm a fan of perfumes and this calendar is pure joy. Every day is a new surprise and I must say that I was impressed by the quality of the products and ingredients. I recommend 100%! "


The Margot&Tita perfume advent calendar is much more than just a countdown to Christmas. It is a rich and diverse sensory experience that will delight lovers of beautiful fragrances as the holidays approach. Give it to your loved ones or treat yourself, to bring a touch of daily happiness throughout the month of December.