Création du mix and match parfums par Margot&Tita

Mix&Match: create your own customized fragrance

What is a personalized perfume?

Do you dream of wearing a perfume that suits you, a personal and exclusive perfume that fits your personality perfectly? “Perfume layering” or also called “Mix&Match” will only seduce you…

The origin of perfume layering

“Layering perfume” refers to the art of mixing several perfumes to create a unique scent, which adapts to your personality or your current mood. It then becomes possible to create your own perfume , by giving them a fresher, muskier or more woody twist, or by highlighting a star ingredient (patchouli, orange blossom, vanilla, etc.) which gives them a unique trail.

The concept of “layering” comes from the English term “layer” which means “layer”. It is generally known for its influence from Asia, often associated with a specific facial care routine. The idea is simple: successively superimpose different “layers” of cosmetic treatments in order to obtain smooth, clear and healthy skin. This skin beauty ritual includes seven steps, from removing makeup to perfectly hydrating the skin.

“Layering perfume” has its origins more in the Middle East, where women had the tradition of layering different perfumed products to create a tailor-made perfume. This olfactory layering consists of seven steps perfuming the skin, hair and clothing using perfumes, oils or smoke. This ritual begins with the application of a musk-based cream, continues by perfuming skin and clothing with a personalized perfume mixture, called “Bakhour”, and ends with the application of an oud-based perfume. This envelops them in a divinely scented bubble which gives them a truly tailor-made, intense and mysterious fragrance.

The advantages of choosing a perfume that suits you

This concept was imported to Europe, quickly seduced by this art which breaks the codes to express all its creativity without complexes. Creating your own perfume by layering several scents offers an infinite range of possibilities. It allows you to wear a sophisticated perfume that you don't smell anywhere else, without having to resort to a tailor-made service, which is often expensive.

Creating your own perfume also allows you to assert your identity and adapt your perfume according to our mood, our outfits, the occasions, the season. This allows us to listen to our desires and create our own olfactory signature to become our own perfumer.

How to create your own custom perfume?

Creating your own perfume can be done in complete freedom to express all your creativity. The combination possibilities are endless : If you don't know where to start, here are some tips!

How to mix two perfumes?

Firstly, when layering perfume, be sure to spray the most intense, headiest perfume first and the lightest on top, to prevent the first from taking over the final scent. For example, spray an oriental perfume first, followed by a less intense citrus perfume. It is also possible to wear a first perfume on the neck, and the second in the hollow of the wrists or in the hair. To create your own perfume, it is not recommended to mix more than two scents.

What are the best olfactory matches?

It is important to focus on the right olfactory associations or “safe values” to create your personalized perfume. Floral perfumes are among the easiest to mix, they mix well with each other as well as with fruity, oriental, woody or citrus perfumes. Fruity fragrances bring a delicious and sweet touch to any olfactory family. Musky scents can add character and staying power to a monotonous scent.

It is possible to highlight an ingredient by mixing two perfumes that have a common ingredient . Blackcurrant is present in the floral perfume The Perfect Woman as well as in the fruity perfume Nous les femmes, which pair perfectly. It is also possible to accentuate a facet of the same olfactory family. For example, add vanilla to reinforce the oriental character of a perfume with a vanilla base, as with the association Nuit féerique & Sous lesétoiles.

To bring lightness to an intense perfume, or freshness to a gourmand perfume , simply mix two perfumes from opposite but complementary universes, which will soften a perfume or adapt it to a more summery period. For example, it is common to mix a gourmand perfume with a fresh citrus perfume ( Petit caprice & Un je ne sais quoi ) or to combine a floral perfume with a more intense woody perfume ( Partenaire Particular & Partenaire Particular ).

It is often advised not to combine two perfumes with too complex characters . The mixed perfume Midnight in your arms has different olfactory facets, both woody, floral, gourmand and milky. The best is to combine it with a perfume that brings out one of the facets already present in the perfume. If, for example, you wish to accentuate the floral facet of the perfume Minuit dans tes bras, you can mix it with a solinote perfume like Il suis une rose or with a more complex floral perfume but with direct notes, like the perfume At the end of the night (jasmine, rose and musk).

The unique experience offered by Margot&Tita

At Margot&Tita we have developed a perfume wardrobe of more than 40 scents for men, women or mixed , to allow as many people as possible to access a variety of natural perfumes, to mix according to your desires, your moods or your looks!

At our place, we call this Mix&Match : the “Mix” corresponds to the superposition of two perfumes, the “Match” is for the two scents which mix perfectly. A harmony is created between the two perfumes to form an affordable and quality personalized perfume.