Maison Margot&Tita

Our philosophy

An accessible & tailor-made perfume wardrobe

At Margot&Tita, our aim is to democratize the use of perfume, by making luxury accessible to everyone. We have developed a veritable perfume wardrobe of more than 44 scents to collect to help you invent your own olfactory signature: fragrances Made in France, Vegan and with more than 90% ingredients of natural origin. Changing your perfume as often as you want is a luxury that you can finally afford

Our innovative concept? Mix&Match

Our perfumes are superimposed to create a personalized fragrance that explores an infinite range of combinations: oriental, fruity, floral, aquatic, aromatic, woody and gourmand notes blend harmoniously to create, from two perfumes, a third unique scent. Each fragrance tells a story, awakens memories, revives emotions. We believe in the power of a perfume that suits you, that connects to your deepest feelings to allow you to express all the facets of your personality.

Our team: mutual conviction and passion

Behind each perfume hides a young, dynamic and passionate team, driven by a common mission: to democratize natural perfumes to offer a unique olfactory experience, with a constant concern for quality. Based in the heart of downtown Bordeaux, we work with determination to push the limits of creativity and provide sustainable and innovative solutions to evolve natural perfumery.

Margot&Tita perfumes are also the fruit of the passion of our perfumers based in Grasse. They are talented artisans, in love with raw materials and dedicated to creating sophisticated and captivating fragrances.