Maison Margot&Tita

Our history

Margot&Tita is the story of two French women

…and their opposing olfactory worlds, told by their granddaughter Julie, creator of the brand and passionate about perfume. Natural vs. Sophisticated. Two personalities that are both opposite and complementary, which reflect the values ​​of the brand, namely luxury, accessibility and French know-how. Each symbolizes in their own way what the life of a French woman can be like.

Margot's universe

Reassuring, soothing, simple and natural.

Imbued with the smell of lavender soap, clean sheets that have dried all afternoon in the garden. The smell of cologne on the bathroom shelf, the legendary hairspray sprayed on a freshly combed bun.

Margot is the smell of plums and apples from the garden. It's the smell of honey, pastries and crusty bread.

Tita's universe

Heady, complex, sensual, feminine and chic.

A spicy universe where scents of leather and legendary perfumes from French couturiers intertwine.

Tita is the smell of jasmine, magnolia, medlars and figs. A woman of character, her cuisine has even more: nutmeg, cloves, saffron, cumin season her dishes.

A word from the founder

“When I was little, I spent hours with my big sister playing “fashion show” in my grandmother Tita's dressing room. I was amazed by all her outfits and the style conveyed by each of them.

With Margot&Tita, I wanted everyone to be able to create their own perfume wardrobe. Because in reality perfume acts like clothing.

Each scent expresses something different that fits with an occasion, a desire, a look, an activity…”

Julie, founder of margot & tita