Maison Margot&Tita

Our engagements

Our 5 golden rules

A perfume wardrobe for everyone

Through a collection of 44 scents for men and women, to adopt according to a desire, an occasion, a look.

Mixable fragrances

To create a 3rd tailor-made scent from 2 perfumes, for a unique olfactory journey.

Refined perfumes to take anywhere

Thanks to their portable 30ml jewelry bottle: a practical format without excess packaging

Luxury at your fingertips

Exclusive, accessible and sustainable Eau de Parfums, with carefully selected materials.

Clean perfumes

Created in Bordeaux and made in France, each perfume is vegan, without controversial substances and with more than 90% ingredients of natural origin.

Responsible perfumery

Formula side, all our perfumes are created between Bordeaux and Grasse, the cradle of French perfumery, and made in France. Each fragrance is carefully crafted from plant-based alcohol, a perfume base and water, and contains more than 90% ingredients of natural origin. They are Vegan and not tested on animals, in accordance with current European regulations. Finally, we are committed to excluding any controversial substances such as BHT, Benzyl Salicylate or Methyl Salicylate.

On the packaging side, our perfumes are packaged in recyclable bottles, without excess packaging. Our boxes are made from recyclable cardboard, while our wooden displays are sourced locally from dry, untreated wood, from sustainably managed Gironde forests (FSC certification).