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Mix & Match: 2 scents, 3 possibilities

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Frequently asked questions

Mix&Match refers to the art of creating your own personalized perfume. The “Mix” corresponds to the superposition of two perfumes, the “Match” is aimed at the two scents which combine perfectly. An osmosis is created between the two perfumes to deliver a unique scent. Did you dream of it? We offer you this unique olfactory experience through a collection of more than 40 natural perfumes to combine according to your desires, your moods or your looks!

By superimposing two perfumes, you can create your own personalized fragrance with a unique scent: a perfume to suit every personality or occasion. This made-to-measure perfume allows you to be creative and take full responsibility for your desires, to obtain your own olfactory signature. You become your own perfumer, exploring an infinite palette of scents.

To mix two perfumes, combine olfactory families or complementary notes: for example a floral with an oriental, an oriental with a citrus, a cherry with a vanilla. Avoid mixing two perfumes that are too complex or have too strong a personality. You do not know where to start ? Explore our Mix&Match perfume boxes.

To deliver a balanced fragrance, start by spraying the strongest, most intense fragrance. After waiting a few seconds, add the lighter fragrance on top. For example, spray a first oriental fragrance, like Elixir de minuit, and a floral fragrance on top, like Mademoiselle Margot. You can also wear the first perfume on your neck, and the second in your hair or on your wrists.

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