Gift ideas: which perfume box to give at Christmas?

We offer you a complete guide to choosing the ideal perfume box, as well as a selection of our best boxes for this festive season.

Christmas is fast approaching, accompanied by the traditional quest for the perfect gift for our loved ones. Among the most popular gift ideas, the perfume box, sometimes sober, sometimes sophisticated, stands out for its elegance and its ability to delight both men and women. And for Christmas, the perfume is dressed to the nines!

The perfume box, an ideal Christmas gift for men and women

Perfume is much more than just an accessory; it is an extension of our personality, a unique olfactory signature. Offering a perfume box at Christmas means offering a part of a dream, a moment of luxury and sensory pleasure. Whether worn every day or for special occasions, perfume is a sentimental and refined gift that leaves a lasting mark on the person you are spoiling.

For women, floral, oriental, fruity or gourmand perfumes are particularly popular. Perfume sets for women often consist of complementary products to prolong the olfactory experience of the perfume, improve its hold and fully enjoy your favorite scent. At Margot&Tita, we have developed 3 oils for the body, face and hair: a nourishing and fragrant treatment for a real moment of pleasure. For Christmas, find our oil & perfume duo boxes : opt for example for the gourmet, sweet and addictive scent of the Week-end au Ferret box , which can only please.

For men, woody, aromatic or spicy eau de parfum or eau de toilette are often in the spotlight. If these gentlemen are looking for an original olfactory experience, you can opt for a Mix&Match perfume box, a box made up of two perfumes to wear alone or layered, such as the woody and spicy Dandy chic & & Séducteur absolu perfume box. This duo will create a unique signature, matching the beauty of each personality.


How to choose the perfume box to give for Christmas?

Choosing a perfume box may seem tricky, but a few simple criteria can guide you in your selection to become an ideal gift idea !

Know the person's tastes

The simplest thing is to know the olfactory preferences of the person to whom you want to give a perfume . Rule n°1 : perfume being a very personal gift, avoid projecting your personal preferences, because all olfactory tastes are in nature! Rule n°2 : to make a first sorting, start at the widest point. Does she prefer floral, fruity, woody, oriental or fresh scents? If you know its usual signature scent, this will certainly help you to make an initial selection. To go further, you can take a look at our olfactory diagnosis, which will guide you through our collection of 30 ml perfumes.

Consider personality

You don't know the olfactory tastes of the person you want to spoil? Do not panic ! Personality plays a crucial role in choosing a gift set :

  • A floral eau de parfum for a soft, feminine and elegant personality: opt for Au bout de la nuit, a women's perfume with notes of rose, jasmine and musk.
  • A citrus fragrance for a dynamic, positive and sporty personality: fall for Tout va bien and its sparkling notes of lemon, bitter orange and cardamom.
  • An oriental eau de parfum for a strong personality, both seductive and enigmatic: Nuit Féerique is both gourmand and subtle, with its accord of incense, pepper and vanilla.
  • A woody fragrance for an adventurous, sophisticated and daring personality: the Partenaire particulier mixed fragrance with notes of sandalwood, leather and iris provides a subtly floral scent.

Take advantage of the winter season to change your perfume

Seasonality influences the choice of a perfume. In winter, as the end-of-year holidays approach, warm, enveloping, sensual and sweet fragrances are ideal for warming the heart and body. The good news ? At Margot&Tita, there is something for everyone! We offer you a collection of more than 40 perfumes for men and women, to change your perfume according to your desires, the occasion or the season. For Christmas, for example, we could turn to:

  • An oriental perfume : the La femme parfaite, perfume, in addition to being a beautiful gift-message, combines notes of rose, patchouli and vanilla for an addictive and heady scent.
  • A woody fragrance : the women's Eau de Parfum Ce que veulent les femmes is characterized by an accord of almond, amber and jasmine and leaves behind an intense and warm trail.
  • A gourmet perfume : the ideal women's perfume will most certainly be Petit caprice, with notes of vanilla, rose and tonka bean, a resolutely comforting sweet scent.

Whether a person has worn the same perfume for years or likes to change it, offering a winter perfume at Christmas can be an opportunity to make a great discovery or to dare to use a perfume with character.

Multi-fragrance sets

If you are hesitating between several perfumes, why not opt ​​for a multi-fragrance box? At Margot&Tita, we offer different Mini dressing perfumes containing 4 fragrances 15 ml to wear alone or mixed, to create up to 6 different scents! The miniature perfume box is a gift of choice which allows you to vary the pleasures and discover new scents to change your perfume according to your look, your mood or the occasion of the day. Available in several assortments, this gift idea will appeal to both men and women.


Our selection of perfume boxes

At Margot&Tita, we have selected for you some of our most beautiful perfume boxes, perfect to give as a Christmas gift.

Focus on the aesthetics of the Christmas 2024 limited edition

At the end of the year, our Mix&Match boxes are getting a makeover! We are launching a brand new limited edition design, containing two fragrances to wear alone or mixed. You can take advantage of this to introduce the latest new perfume with the Ce que les femmes x Nous les femmes box set, a feminine olfactory match with character. The illustration of this limited edition box enhances this perfume duo, for a truly sophisticated gift.

Opt for a sure value with a box of best-selling perfumes

If you are afraid of making a mistake, the best option is to opt for perfumes that are unanimously approved.

For women, you can turn to the Les incontournables gift box including 3 best-selling floral and oriental perfumes. You will find there:

  • Alors on danse, an oriental eau de parfum with notes of red fruits, vanilla and caramel.
  • La femme parfaite a floriental fragrance with notes of rose, patchouli and vanilla.
  • Il était une rose, a floral perfume with notes of rose, lemon and violet.

For men, the Quel homme trio box set! contains 3 woody and aquatic fragrances that will only seduce them... It contains:

  • Séducteur absolu, a woody eau de parfum with notes of patchouli, tobacco and vanilla.
  • Dandy chic, a warm and woody fragrance with notes of citrus, lavender and cedar.
  • Ça baigne pour moi, an aquatic scent with notes of bergamot and oakmoss.

Offer an original olfactory experience with Mix&Match

Do you still find that offering a perfume box lacks originality? Let yourself be tempted by Mix&Match, a unique concept that offers a unique and personalized olfactory experience. The concept is simple: layer two perfumes to create a third tailor-made scent. To find out more about Mix&Match, visit our dedicated blog article Mix&Match: what if you created your tailor-made perfume? .

Among our best olfactory matches, find the duo Nous les femmes & La femme parfaite, Partenaire particulier & Partenaire particulière, Nuit Féerique & Sous les étoiles et Mademoiselle Margot & Elixir de minuit. An original gift idea that is sure to arouse curiosity!


You must now be full of ideas to know which perfume box to give at Christmas, or which gifts to add to your list for Santa! Giving an eau de parfum at Christmas is an elegant and sophisticated way to show your affection. By taking into account scent preferences, personality and season, you are sure to make a wise choice. At Margot&Tita, we offer a varied range of boxes to satisfy all tastes and budgets. This year, make this Christmas unforgettable and give a gift that will leave a lasting memory.