Ombre et lumièreWoody Eau de Parfum

A scent that evokes the magnetic duality of modern man, between its notes of fresh spices, sage and amber.
  • French eau de parfum made in Grasse
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Made in France Created in Bordeaux 90% natural Vegan
Top • Bergamot, Fresh spicy Heart • Lavender, Sage Base • Amber, Vetiver, Sandalwood

Between shadow and light, here is a modern man, scented with mystery. In broad daylight, bergamot and fresh spices symbolize its radiance. At dusk, lavender and sage embody its delicacy. At nightfall, amber and vetiver reveal its intensity. The captivating duality of contemporary masculinity emerges between the vibrant clarity of the day and the subtle complexity of the night: a man as strong as he is sensitive, as hard as he is fragile, as serious as he is casual, as free as he is docile, sometimes calm, sometimes adventurous.


Spray the perfume about 10 cm from your skin. Focus on hot spots (wrists, hollows of the arms, behind the ears) for long-lasting wear of your perfume. Take your 30ml perfume everywhere to reperfume yourself as you wish. Create your own fragrance by mixing two complementary scents!Do not spray on eyes or irritated skin. For external use only. Keep away from heat and flame.

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The universe Ombre et lumière

Ombre et Lumière is a contemporary men's fragrance with a woody and aromatic identity, and an assertive and sensual trail. Sometimes powerful, sometimes delicate, this natural perfume is aimed at all men, free to express their own vision of masculinity, and to define it through the prism of sensitivity and nuance. In the top notes of this woody fragrance, bergamot and fresh spices offer an explosion of freshness and vitality: a dynamic and resolutely luminous start, to fill up on energy.

At the heart, lavender and sage add a subtle aromatic facet to this natural fragrance, bringing a touch of sophistication, elegance and herbaceous freshness. This heart reveals the personality of a confident and daring man. The base notes of this men's perfume bring depth and irresistible sensuality: amber gives an enveloping warmth, while vetiver and sandalwood add a woody and milky touch. This intense and delicate olfactory signature persists throughout the day. With its balanced combination of fresh, aromatic and woody notes, this natural perfume, between strength and softness, between shadow and light, is ideal for any occasion.

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Why did I launch Margot&Tita?

I wanted to create a brand that was elegant but accessible, wise but sassy, ​​serious but sparkling, natural but sophisticated, all giving free rein to everyone's creativity and emotions.

Margot&Tita refers to my two grandmothers. Margot, reassuring, soothing, simple and natural. Tita, elegant, feminine, sophisticated and sensual. Each in their image inspires us on a daily basis and evokes unique olfactory memories, like little "madeleines de Proust".


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