Find the perfect gift for Mother's Day!

Are you looking for a gift idea for your mother that she will love every time? Perfume is a timeless must-have that will only seduce her!

Perfume, an ideal gift for Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a gift idea that will please him every time? Nothing like a fragrant gift to celebrate Mother's Day. Whether to offer her her signature perfume or invite her to discover new fragrances, perfume on Mother's Day is a timeless must-have that will only seduce her !

A refined gift, chosen with the heart

Giving your mother a perfume is a gesture that reflects a strong emotional relationship: it's a way of showing her how precious she is. Choosing a perfume for women requires a certain finesse, knowledge of her olfactory tastes or an intuition about what might please her, based on her usual perfume or her personality. Women's perfume is a gift full of meaning, a tribute to beauty and maternal grace .

A personalized and accessible gift

The advantage at Margot&Tita is that there is something for everyone! Our philosophy is based on olfactory freedom, allowing each woman to compose her own perfume signature . Through a collection of more than 40 fragrances, we are committed to offering a range that adapts to all tastes and personalities: every mother can easily find one or more fragrances that suit them. The little extra? Our Eau de Parfum combines quality and accessibility to offer a Mother’s Day fragrance that is both special and affordable.

An original and surprising gift

Your mother is an extraordinary woman, a source of inspiration: she deserves a unique gift. With our Mix&Match perfume sets , you will give him much more than just a perfume. Composed of two fragrances which mix to create a third unique scent, the Mix&Match perfume sets offer a unique olfactory experience, a true exploration of the senses. Each mother will be able to feel free to wear the perfumes alone or layered, to give free rein to their creativity .

At Margot&Tita, we love innovation and creativity. If your mother likes to discover new scents and wear a new perfume, offer her the luxury of something new with our latest women's perfume launches: Midnight in Your Arms (jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla) and What Women Want (almond, amber, jasmine).


Our selection of perfumes to offer to your mother

You don't know how to choose the Mother's Day perfume that will definitely make her fall in love? Follow the guide to find the perfect gift!

A perfume according to your favorite olfactory notes

To know which women's perfume to give, you can first look at the olfactory families of perfumes . Each fragrance belongs to at least one of these 8 main families: floral, woody, fruity, aquatic, oriental, gourmand, citrus or musky. They are differentiated by their raw materials, their intensity, their character or even their persistence.

Every woman has her preferences when it comes to perfume , and some of them appreciate very specific notes, emblematic in perfumery; preferences that can be the starting point for a gift that suits them.

If she likes rose perfumes, she will probably fall for the floral perfume Il était une rose with its notes of rose, lemon and violet. If your mother appreciates patchouli -based perfumes, she will certainly be seduced by the women's perfumes Enigmatique or La femme parfaite. If she prefers scents based on white flowers and musk, opt for the soft and feminine perfume Au bout de la nuit. And if you want to explore more perfumes according to your preferences, go to our olfactory diagnosis.

A perfume according to your personality

The perfume reveals an olfactory signature as a reflection of our personality. For a sweet and loving mother , a delicate and powdery rose fragrance will capture all her tenderness, like the women's perfume Le rose suits you so well. A sparkling and dynamic mother will probably be seduced by the Nous les femmes perfume with notes of passion fruit, rose and blackcurrant. For an elegant and flirtatious mother, the woody fragrance Ce que veulent les femmes will probably win her heart, with its sophisticated notes of almond, amber and jasmine. Finally, if your mother is greedy and warm by nature, she will certainly appreciate sweet and comforting fragrances like the Petit caprice women's perfume, with notes of pink praline, vanilla and tonka bean.

A perfume to send him a message

At Margot&Tita, each perfume has an original and evocative name, which can refer to a story, a feeling, a song, a precious moment : the ideal gift to send a strong message to your mother.

If you want to tell her what a wonderful woman she is, you can simply turn to the perfume La femme parfaite : a clear and direct message! If you want to invite her to escape, the En Weekend box will only take her on a journey, with three fragrances with sunny and addictive notes: Weekend in Arcachon, Weekend at Ferret and Weekend in Paradise.

A box to change perfume according to your desires

Why settle for just one perfume when you can wear several? At Margot&Tita, we offer numerous gift boxes to offer containing 2, 3 or 4 different fragrances, to mix according to your desires or to wear alone to vary the pleasures.

The midnight Elixir & Mademoiselle Margot duo set combines two women's perfumes with opposite scents, but perfectly complementary when they overlap: they compose a third refined scent combining the originality of a pear and coffee accord, and the sweetness of jasmine and sandalwood.

Les incontournables trio perfume box lives up to its name since it contains 3 emblematic fragrances of the brand with complementary olfactory universes, both floral and oriental.

The Mes indispensables mini dressing set is made up of 4 mini perfumes to take anywhere to discover an assortment of feminine perfumes that she can only adore every day.


Other fragrant pleasures to satisfy her?

A dry oil to take care of it

Within our collection, we offer 3 nourishing and delicately scented dry oils , for the face, body and hair. These multi-use oils consist of a synergy of 3 vegetable oils: organic apricot oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil to provide hydration and softness to the skin and hair. They contain a sunny, floral and addictive scent, for a unique moment of escape. They will offer your mother a special moment of sweetness.

The little extra? The dry oils are available in a duo perfume box with their associated Eau de Parfum. For example, fall for the Week-end au Ferret oil and perfume box.

A room fragrance to re-enchant your interior

Is your mother a fan of home fragrances? Let them discover our Instant Escape collection, an assortment of 3 room fragrances with scents that bring back your sweetest olfactory memories to your home. Each scent re-enchants your interior and brings a personal touch to all the rooms in your home, whether it is soft, fresh or warm.

A gift card to let her choose her perfume

And if you prefer to let her choose her Mother's Day perfume gift, opt for a perfume gift card . Available in several amounts (30€, 50€, 80€ and 100€), they are valid for one year throughout the store!